Virgin Mobile Call & Text Add-ons – Prince Edward Island

411 Directory Assistance

$2.49 per call

Need help finding a number?
  • 411 will look up the number you need, automatically dial it for you, and then send you a text with the number to your phone.
  • For national or US directory help you can call your area code and then 555 1212.
Regular airtime and long distance charges apply.
For toll free directory assistance, call 1 800 555 1212.

Unlimited Anytime Minutes

$25 per month

  • Unlimited minutes for any time of the day added to your rate plan.
  • No airtime charges.

Long distance charges will apply if you do not have Canada-wide calling.

Voicemail 25 Booster

$4 per month

  • Upgrade to 25 saved messages in your Voicemail.

Unlimited Local Incoming Calls

$10 per month

  • Get unlimited incoming calls

From anywhere in the world – as long as you?re in your local service area.

100 Local Anytime Minutes

$10 per month

  • Add an extra 100 anytime minutes to your account

Call Display

$7 per month

  • See the caller’s number before you answer so you can decide which calls to take.

Voicemail to Text

$5 per month

  • Convert your voicemail into text messages and get them delivered to your phone.

Available only phones compatible with our HSPA+ network. You’ll need Voicemail 10 or Voicemail 25 to hook this up.

Visual Voicemail

$5 per month

  • Available only on iPhone and BlackBerry® smartphones compatible with our HSPA+ network.

Available only phones compatible with our HSPA+ network. You’ll need Voicemail 25 to hook this up.

The above Add-ons are available in Prince Edward Island from Virgin Mobile.

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