Koodo Mobile Bring Your Own Tablet Plan - British Columbia

$15 per month
Full Plan Details
Plan available in British Columbia
Plan Type Bring Your Own Tablet
Monthly Service Fee $15.00
Additional Data Usage Rate $7 per 250 MB
Contract Monthly
Connection Fee $30 per line
Early Cancellation Fee No cancellation fee. Any remaining Tab balance must be settled.
First Month Costs $60.00*
Month to Month Costs $15.00
More Information
Get a Koodo SIM card and enjoy Canada's largest 4G/LTE network on your tablet on no contract. Available in store only.
Visit a Koodo Store to get a SIM card and select a Tablet plan. Insert the activated SIM card into your tablet and you're good to go!
Offer available only to existing Koodo customers with a 4G-enabled tablet.

* Your first bill may vary from this.
The amount shown includes your initial setup cost.....plus one FULL month's service fees (which will actually be pro-rated depending on your billing cycle).
Your first bill will also include any airtime usage (if applicable).

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