Sony Ericsson GC83 EDGE PC Card

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October 2004


  • Internet with full Web browsing
  • Data speeds up to 3 times faster than dial-up
  • Average speeds of 100 Kbps


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Sony Ericsson GC83 EDGE PC Card

Reviewed on Tuesday August 16, 2005 by , Texas
Dont't waster your time and or money on this card. This card is a terriable value for the money. I have had SBC/Cingular wirless card service for 1 yr in approx 3 weeks. In this time I have had to alread replace the card due to the antenna breaking off at the small pin. Now today the 4th one broke off which means I can not rcv. service. My provided stated they would not warranty the card.

I am very gentle with the card, it is seldom remove and protected. The first cards pin broke 3 wks after i purchased the first card.

I have friends who have another brand card for almost two yrs and have their orginal card. It has a different connect and seems much stronger.

Very inferior product.