MTS Mobility Prepaid Add-ons

Minutes Top-Ups


Add more airtime to your prepaid plan or pay-per-use services and keep the conversation going longer.
  • $15   – valid for 30 days
  • $30   – valid for 60 days
  • $60   – valid for 90 days
  • $100 – valid for 365 days
Airtime rate is charged between 25¢/minute and 40¢/minute depending on your plan.

Canadian Text Messaging Bundles

$5/$10/$15 per month

  •   $5 – 50 text messages
  • $10 – 250 text messages
  • $15 – 2500 text messages

Incoming messages are free. Text Messaging Add-Ons are for text messages only, and do not apply to Media (picture/video) Messages. Non-Canadian messages are not included and are charged per use. Text bundles expire with your account balance, so as long as you keep topping up with airtime, your texts will roll forward.

Pay Per Use Text Messaging

Canada: You can send and receive text messages to anyone on any major wireless network in Canada.
  • Text Messaging: 40¢/message sent
  • Text Messages are always free to receive
  • Media Messaging: 50¢/message plus applicable data usage

International Text Messages are 40¢ per message sent per recipient

Prepaid Data Add-Ons

$15/$30/$45 per month

Add data to your Prepaid 4G (HSPA or LTE) smartphone or internet stick. Data expires at the end of 30 days or opt for 30-day renewal by automatic debit to your prepaid account or credit card.
  • $15/month: 400 MB
  • $30/month: 1 GB
  • $45/month: 2 GB

Directory Assistance

$2.50 per call¹

Directory Assistance is an automated phone service that retrieves phone numbers from a directory listing. Simply dial 411 to use this service.

¹ Airtime charges may apply.

The above Features are available in Manitoba from MTS Mobility.

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