MTS Mobility Roaming Rates & Information

Find out what it will cost for MTS Mobility customers to use your phone while roaming in the US or Internationally.

Coverage Across Manitoba

BellMTS is Manitoba’s leading wireless provider, offering voice cellular service and wireless data service. BellMTS is the only wireless provider in Manitoba that offers wireless coverage to over 97% of the Manitoba population.

Roaming Across Canada

Enjoy the convenience of BellMTS Wireless all across Canada. Customers that travel outside of a 4G LTE coverage area are still able to take advantage of their 4G LTE wireless devices on 4G HSPA+ wireless networks.

Voice calls while travelling outside of Manitoba requires that you use 10-digit dialing (area code plus phone number).  Long distance rates for calling within Canada and the U.S. vary by calling plan. Standard long distance rates are 50¢/minute.

Note: When travelling outside of Manitoba, it is important to understand that customers will not always get 4G coverage. As such, you will notice that our coverage maps outside of Manitoba are labeled as “GSM/HSPA” rather than 4G.

Roaming in the U.S.

The per-minute roaming rate for all calls made and received while travelling in the U.S. is $1.75/minute* which includes both roaming and long distance charges if applicable.

* Excludes calls to or from cruise ships, satellites, Cuba, Falkland islands or the Cook islands (list may change without notice).

Rates for international long distance calls made while in the U.S. will vary depending on the carrier providing your roaming signal. Dial 611 to find the rates before placing your international call.

International Roaming

4G: BellMTS now has roaming coverage in over 200 countries around the world. This means 6X the global coverage when compared to our existing CDMA network.

Click here to view the complete list of International Coverage for 4G network

International Voice Roaming Rates:

Voice rates vary based on your location and are organized according to different international zones. Before travelling, please ensure you know which zone you will be in, so you will know what your rates will be. The zones are as follows:

*Prices apply to all calls – including incoming, in-country and international (including Canada). Prices are in Canadian dollars.
*Excludes calls to or from cruise ships, satellites, Cuba, Falkland islands or the Cook islands (list may change without notice).

All roaming airtime will be rounded up to the nearest minute.

Data Roaming Rates:

You’ll never get charged pay-per-use rates for data while roaming outside of Canada, even if your data roaming is turned on. To use data while roaming, simply purchase one of the Data Passes directly from your device (ensure Wi-Fi is off and data roaming is turned on).
You will be unable to use data unless you have purchased a Data Pass or are using an available Wi-Fi connection. If you do not want to use data, you can choose not to purchase a Data Pass and your data roaming services will be automatically suspended.

Text Messaging Rates:

No matter which phone you have, receiving a text message is free, whether you are in Manitoba or roaming. The pay-per-use cost to send a text messages while roaming is 85¢/message (up to a max $85/month).

Prices are in Canadian dollars.


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