Samsung’s Latest Mobile Phone: The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

If you miss the old days of flip phones but enjoy the conveniences of the modern smartphone, you’re going to be excited about Samsung’s newest flip phone, announced at the inaugural Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2020 Event.

Boasting a foldable glass display (the first of its kind), the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip hopes to revive the classic design of an old school clamshell phone with a futuristic spin. But that’s just the beginning—other features include:

  • Dual batteries made to last longer and charge faster
  • 4K video recording capabilities
  • A responsive display

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Launch and Preorder Dates

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip launched in Canada on February 21, 2020.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Price

Check out the chart below to compare prices from each all providers that carry the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip—Bell, Rogers, TELUS, Freedom, Videotron, and SaskTel.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Pricing

Carrier Plans for the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

Payment Options

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is available with the following payment options:

  • Paying the full price upfront
  • Monthly installments (financing)
  • Tab

Since the Galaxy Z Flip is on the more expensive side, monthly payments may be the best option so you’re not spending close to $2,000 in one go.

Samsung Z Flip Specifications

Phone ModelSamsung Galaxy Z Flip
Main Display6.7”; Dynamic AMOLED; 1080 x 2636
Cover Display1.1”; Super AMOLED; 112 x 300
Battery Size3300mAh
CPUSnapdragon 855+ octa-core
Front Camera10MP
Back Cameras12MP
Video Capture4K
Expandable MemoryTBA

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip vs. Other Foldable Phones

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip isn’t the first foldable phone to hit the market—in fact, it’s not even the first from Samsung! You might remember Samsung’s first attempt at a new age flip phone, the Samsung Galaxy Fold, which was somewhat of a failure.

Then last year, Motorola announced a new foldable Razr (yet to be available in Canada), which set the tone for other manufacturers. But how do these phones compare to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip?

Phone ModelSamsung Galaxy Z FlipMotorola RazrSamsung Galaxy Fold
Main Display6.7”; Dynamic AMOLED; 1080 x 26366.2”; Foldable P-OLED;
876 x 2142
7.3”; Dynamic AMOLED; 2152 x 1536
Cover Display1.1”; Super AMOLED; 112 x 3002.7”; G-OLED Display; 600 x 8004.6”; Super AMOLED; 720 x 1680
Battery Size3300mAh2510mAhLTE Model: 4380mAh
5G Model: 4235mAh
CPUSnapdragon 855+Snapdragon 710Snapdragon 855
Front Camera(s)10MP5MP1st: 10MP
2nd: 8MP
Back Camera(s)12MP16MP1st: 16MP
Video Capture4K4K4K
Expandable MemoryTBA00

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip vs. The Samsung Galaxy Fold

Widely regarded as an unsuccessful venture, the Samsung Galaxy Fold was Samsung’s first foldable smartphone released in Canada on December 6, 2019.

The difference in the type of material used may ultimately be what separates the Galaxy Z Flip from suffering the same fate as its predecessor. Where the Samsung Galaxy Fold used a thin and brittle plastic for their screens, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip uses a bendable, more durable glass that’s made to last over 200,000 folds.

With a customizable folding angle and a smaller, sleeker display, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip has a convenient design that lets you optimize and control your experience. Sweeper technology located inside the hinge also ensures that your phone has a stronger resistance to dust and water. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip has a lot going for it, and with these specifications, it’s bound to make a bigger impact on the market than the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip vs. The Motorola Razr

When it comes down to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and the Motorola Razr—another foldable smartphone set to release this year—the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is the clear winner.

It’s not just about the plastic of the Razr versus the bendable glass of the Galaxy Z Flip. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip has more storage, more RAM, and a superior processor. While the back camera on the Motorola Razr is slightly better than the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip’s, the front camera of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is twice as powerful as the one on the Motorola Razr.

The Motorola Razr has not been given an official price in Canada yet, but it’s priced at $1,500 in the United States, which is about $2,000 CAD.

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