Sears Connect Pay Per Use Add-ons

411 Directory Assistance

$3.00 per call

  • Just call 411 and you can get any listing in Canada or the United States.

Pay Per Use

  • Additional Local Minutes: 35?/min
  • Long Distance Minutes within Canada and from Canada to the U.S.: 35?/min (local airtime excluded)
  • Outgoing Text from Canada to a Canadian Wireless Number: 20?/text
  • Outgoing Text from Canada to a U.S. Wireless Number: 25?/text
  • Outgoing Text from Canada to an International Wireless Number: 35?/text
  • Outgoing Text while Roaming Outside Canada: 75?/text
  • Outgoing Picture or Video Messages: 50?/message
  • Outgoing Picture or Video Messages to a U.S. or International number: 75?/message
  • Data usage in Canada without a bundle: $1/MB
  • Data usage while roaming in the US without a bundle: $1/MB

The above Add-ons are available in Canada from Sears Connect.

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