LG to Launch Android Phone

September 14, 2009
Google-designed Android operating system is clearly the flavor of the season as seen by the launch of LG’s latest phone. Also known as the Etna KS360, the new LG phone, unimaginatively re-named LG-GW620, will the company’s first Android-based device. It will feature a 3-inch full touchscreen and slide out QWERTY keypad.

LG did not offer detailed specs for the phone.

The new device is expected to be first available in Europe in the fourth quarter of this year. The company has not disclosed the pricing for the device and hasn’t said when it will be released in North America.

“Our objective is to provide a wide selection of smartphones to satisfy the diverse preferences of today’s consumers,” said Skott Ahn, president and CEO of LG Electronics Mobile. “This Android phone is just one of many smartphone models we plan to introduce worldwide in the years ahead.”

LG’s Android phone comes on the heels of its rival handset maker Motorola introducing an Android-based device of its own called Cliq. Other companies such as Samsung and Sony Ericsson are also looking to introduce new Android-based phones later this year.

Unlike Motorola, LG won’t focus on Android alone and will continue to churn out phones running Windows Mobile, says the company.  LG plans to announce three new Windows Mobile-based smartphones in the next few weeks and a total of 13 new smartphones that run Windows Mobile over the next 16 months.

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