Rogers to Ditch SAF and Introduce ‘GRRF’

September 22, 2009

On October 5th Rogers will be saying good-bye System Access Fee, and hello Government Regulatory Recovery Fee.

The new fee, being introduced in just a couple of weeks, will only affect new customers. Existing customers will have the option of staying on their current plan, but will have to continue paying their SAF and 911 fees. New customers or existing customers migrating to a new plan will have it all rolled in to one.

“The Government Regulatory Recovery Fee is applied per line to help fund fees, costs and other amounts related to federal, provincial and/or municipal mandates, programs and requirements such as provincial 911 fees, spectrum acquisition, licensing charges, and contribution charges to help subsidize telephone service in rural and remote areas.” states Rogers.

The Government Regulatory Recovery Fee ranges from $2.46 to $3.33 (per line, per month) depending on where you live, and whether provincial 911 fees are applicable. Rogers will also be including Call Forwarding, Call Manager and WhoCalled™.

Think you’re going to save money? Think again. Leaked internal documents posted on MobileSyrup indicate that plans will also be increasing in price, so you may end up paying a little more.


To read more and view the internal documents on MobileSyrup, click here.

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