WIND Mobile Will Be A "Green" Company At Launch

September 29, 2009
With WIND Mobile coming off their CRTC foreign ownership hearings last week they’re officially now waiting to see if they get the green light to launch… and speaking of green, nothing sounds better than a new carrier coming out and answering questions about their operation.

Chris Robbins, CCO (Chief Commercial Officer) of WIND has written a good piece titled “The Environmental Question” and it’s about how they’ll be implementing a number of “green” and eco-friendly practices that will help our environment.

Robbins said, “One of the questions we’re seeing frequently – both in-person and on this site – is what we’re planning to do around being green.”
  • We are having all invoices by default online for launch
  • We are enabling digital displays in all of our retail environments
  • We are trying to limit packaging for all of the products that we sell
  • We are putting manuals, terms, warranties all online
  • We are implementing a handset recycling program
  • Our store design is incorporating recycled materials
  • Our store design is incorporating high efficiency lighting and heating

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