Bell Reveals Devices for HPSA+ Network

October 15, 2009

Earlier this month, Bell announced they would be launching their new HSPA+ network. Today, the new phones and devices that will become available were unofficially revealed.

The handsets include the coveted Apple iPhone 3G & 3GS, the BlackBerry Bold (9000 & 9700), Samsung's Omnia II & Impact, the LG Xenon, and Nokia's 2730 and 6350.

Bell will also be launching two turbo sticks and a turbo card from Novatel Wireless (U950 & U988 sticks and X950 card).

Pricing and official release dates are expected to be available in the next few weeks.

For more details on the upcoming phones, please click one of the following links:
Cell Phones
Turbo Sticks
(iPhone details coming soon)

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