RIM To Launch The Storm 2

October 16, 2009
BlackBerry maker Research In Motion is launching a new version of its touchscreen Storm smartphone, marking its latest move in the fight with Apple's iPhone.

The smartphone retains the original Storm's clickable touchscreen interface, but improves upon it with faster typing and "multitouch" capabilities, which allow users to type on more than just one part of the screen at a time.

The phone is enabled for next-generation networks and also has Wi-Fi capability like some of the other devices in the BlackBerry lineup.

Analysts said increased competition in North America from the likes of Apple, Palm and Motorola Inc was a top concern for RIM's future. New BlackBerry models are crucial if RIM is to succeed and Balsillie said the company is well prepared.

Details on the specific timing of the launch or on pricing are not immediately available, as these are determined by individual service providers.

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