Recent Poll Looks At Cell Phone Etiquette

October 20, 2009 has posted an interesting article regarding cell phone etiquette in the United States.  In a survey of 2,625 adults ages 18 and older they found some interesting results.
  • 52 percent would be offended if they were at a holiday party and someone attempted to secretly use an Internet-enabled device, such as a laptop, netbook or cell phone, at the table
  • 75 percent feel it is perfectly appropriate to use Internet-enabled devices, including laptops, netbooks and cell phones, in the bathroom
  • 62 percent agree that mobile devices, such as laptops, netbooks and cell phones, are part of our daily lives and society needs to adapt to the fact that people use them at all times
  • 87 percent agreeing that it is inappropriate to use a mobile device at religious venues
  • 60 percent consider using a mobile device while on a date as inappropriate

For the full phone etiquette article please click here.

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