Keep Your Phone Number with Google Voice

October 27, 2009

Google Inc has announced a new Google Voice feature that will enable users to use its service without having to get a special Google phone number. Users of Google Voice can now choose Google as a voicemail provider for existing mobile numbers, displacing mobile carrier voicemail systems in the process.

Using Google Voice with your existing number, you now have access to Google voicemail, voicemail transcription, custom greetings, international calling, notifications and the ability to share voicemails. To take advantage of features such as one number (a single phone number that rings all your phones), free sms, and other calling features, you’ll be required to get a Google number.

The Google Voice service is currently only available to residents of the US, and to use the feature with your own number, you’ll have to request an invitation (invitations also are available from Google Voice's current users).

For more information, please visit The Official Google Blog.

To request an invitation to Google Voice, please click here.

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