Rogers Launches Ericsson W35 Rocket™ Hub

November 13, 2009
This week, Rogers officially launched the Ericsson W35 Rocket Hub.

Enjoy Wireless Internet and Phone Services in your home or office. No software installation required - just plug into any electrical outlet and you're ready to go!

Just plug the Rocket™ Hub into any power outlet and create a Wi-Fi spot connected to the Rogers Wireless Network and enjoy internet connectivity for up to 15 computers at one time.

The Ericsson W35 Rocket™ Hub is available on the following price plans:
  • 2-year contract: $149.99
  • No contract: $399.99
Voice and Data Pricing:
  • $50.00 up to 3GB of data
  • $60.00 3GB to 5GB
  • $75.00 5GB to 10GB
Data only (Flex Plan):
  • $35.00 0 to 3GB
  • $45.00 3GB to 5GB
  • $60.00 5GB to 10GB

For more features and specifications, please click here.

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