Bell Mobility Drops System Access Fee

November 20, 2009
Bell is the last national provider to drop the system access fee.

Bell Mobility has dropped the monthly $6.95 system access fee and the monthly 911 fee, which varied in price depending on the province. Customers in Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia and Newfoundland are now exempt from the fee, while prices range up to 53 cents a month in other provinces, according to Bell's website.

There will be no formal announcement but the Bell website shows the fees are removed from the plans.

Changes to plans include:
  • SAF and carrier 911 fees being removed (a savings of $7.70).
  • Call Forwarding being included on Consumer and Small Business plans (a $3 value)
  • The monthly fee increasing by $5 to $10 depending on the price plan
  • Provincial government imposed 911 fees will still apply
As a result, clients activating new plans will now only see one monthly charge on their bill, the cost of their price plan, instead of three individual charges.

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