No More iTunes for Palm Users

November 20, 2009
The Pre and Pixi were both launched with Palm's new operating system, and unlike with updates in the past, the company is no longer supporting the ability to sync seamlessly with iTunes.

Previously, each time Apple disabled the feature via an iTunes update, Palm would push out an update of its own to allow its devices to be recognized by iTunes, like an iPod or iPhone. The policy change may mean Palm is finally caving to Apple’s strong arm, or perhaps is only following directions from an industry forum that oversees USB connections.

The NYTimes wrote that in August Palm filed a complaint with the USB Implementers Forum, claiming that Apple was restraining trade by not allowing its devices to connect to iTunes. However, the Forum dismissed Palm’s claims, and asserted that Apple was not in violation of its policies. Palm declined to specify the reasons behind the decision.

While the update did not provide syncing with iTunes, it did enable users access to Yahoo’s instant messaging client and the ability to watch YouTube videos in wide screen view, among other things.

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