Google Labs Releases Goggles for Android

December 9, 2009
Yesterday, Google announced the release of Goggles, a visual search application that is now available in Google Labs for phones operating on Android OS 1.6+.

The innovative new service allows users to simply point the camera on their phones at something - be it a landmark, cd cover, bottle of wine, book - and have the information about the place or product relayed to their phone in mere seconds.

The application is still being actively developed, but Android users (1.6+ only right now, sorry 1.5 users!) can download the application by going to the Android Market in their phone and searching "Google Goggles".

So far, the Goggles app is available only in the Android Market, leaving iPhone and BlackBerry fans empty-handed. But there's good news today for the non-Android crowd - Google has confirmed that Goggles will reach other platforms.

For more information about Google Goggles, please visit Google Labs.

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