Local Number Portability Now Availabe at WIND

December 21, 2009
WIND has announced it's now possible to bring your current phone number with you when you get a WIND phone and plan (Telus customers will have to hold off "another couple of days" - they are still working on that one).

WIND Mobile states "It is a simple process to bring your current mobile phone number to WIND. Just remember that you can only transfer an active number, so donít cancel your existing service."

For those not wanting the port their number, WIND states "To everyone who's commented about SIM card sales, thank you very much for your feedback. We're listening. The WIND team is working diligently towards a solution where you will be able to have service with us without having to purchase a handset. The goal is to have this in place by the end of next week."

For more information, please visit WIND Mobile.

Posted in: Freedom Mobile