Google Nexus One Post Launch News & Notes

January 6, 2010
Google Nexus One Front & BackWith yesterday's official Google Nexus One announcement, a lot of information has been hitting the Internet. We've compiled a couple of interesting news and notes below:

Can I use the Google Nexus One in Canada?

Yes & No and here is why:
  1. Google isn't currently selling the phone to Canadians.
  2. The Smartphone uses a 3G specification (UMTS Band 1/4/8) that is only supported by WIND Mobile
So, you could try to purchase the phone via someone in the US and then swap in your SIM card. Unfortunately you wouldn't be able to take advantage of 3G speeds thus rendering most of the smartphone's features useless.

Google has stated that they are working on bringing it to Canada under a separate 3G specification for support by Rogers, Bell & TELUS but there is no estimated launch date at this time.

Official Google Nexus One Video: "Web meets phone"

Priceless Advertising

If you are in the US and visit you will see a small "Nexus One" advertisement below the search. This simple ad offers an amazing amount of reach as is one of the most visited web sites in the world. You can see a screenshot of what it looks like below. Nexus One Ad

We'll continue to track and provide you with the latest Google Nexus One news and information.

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