Samsung Omnia II getting mix reviews from Vancouver 2010 Staff

January 7, 2010
Samsung Omnia II 2010 Olympic Games HandsetIn November of 2009 it was announced that the Samsung Omnia II would be the official handset of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games.  With the device now in VANOC staff hands they are having problems with the Windows Mobile Device.  CTV has reported that they are "frustrated with the touch-screen devices, saying key functions like sending and reading e-mail are nearly impossible".

VANOC has downplayed the news saying that staffers just need some time to get used to the device.  There have also been rumours that VANOC is allowing their staff members to continue using their preferred BlackBerry devices discreetly.  

VANOC relies on heavy amount of sponsorhip from companies like Samsung, HBC, Sleep Country Canada, GM and more for equipment and money to cover expenses.

CTV has a lenghtly article regarding the use of the device that can be read here.  You can also check out Samsung's official Olympic web site here:

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