Google Nexus One Post Launch Problems

January 14, 2010
Google Nexus One Angled ViewJust over a week after the Google Nexus One a few post launch problems are beginning to emerge.  Things that have popped include:

Customer Support

People attempting to contact Google for customer support have been met with canned replies and no real answers leaving many frustrate.  It's believed that Google underestimated the need for supporting a retail product vs. a web product.  T-Mobile have been doing their best to support the Android OS as they do have other Android based phones in their line-up.

3G Problems

Earlier today (January 14th) Google finally acknowledged 3G problems with certain versions of the Nexus One.  A Google Spokesperson stated:

"Hey Folks, this is your friendly neighborhood Google Guide here to clear some up some confusion around all these 3G shenanigans!" Ravi's post began. "We (by 'we' I mean Google, although HTC and T-Mobile are both getting reports as well) are getting reports from some users who are having problems maintaining a 3G data connection on their device. We're actively working with our partners to investigate these issues and identify what's going on. Most people don't seem to be running into this issue, but for those of you who are, we understand your concern and appreciate your patience."

Both Google & HTC are working with customers to pinpoin the problem and work towards a solution.

Early Cancellation Fee Woes

The Google Nexus One is currently available for $530 without a contract and $180 on a 2 year T-Mobile contract.  Unfortunately users are discovering that the T-Mobile contract price comes with a lot of mice print.  

In order to qualify for the $180 price you must be a new T-Mobile customer to qualify for the pricing.  

If you choose to cancel your contract with T-Mobile you would owe both T-Mobile and Google.  T-Mobile could charge up to $200 while Google's "Equipment Recovery Fee" is $350.  In total you could be looking at more to cancel your contract then the straight up purchase price of the phone.

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