December 2009 Mailbag - Part 2

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At we receive a lot of questions and comments from people wanting to know more about the Canadian wireless products & services. We've assembled some of the best questions and answers for the second half of December 2009 below.

I just got my daughter a koodo phone and this morning the recharger simply broke off/apart.  Now what?!
From Linda on December 25, 2009

Hi Linda,

Thank you for contacting I would suggest you contact Koodo Mobile for assistance.

You can email Koodo Mobile at please include the following:
  • your name
  • customer number or Koodo mobile phone number
  • a number to contact you
  • a detailed description of the issue you want help with
1-866-99-KOODO (1-866-995-6636).  Customer Service Reps are available:
  • Monday Friday: 10am - 9pm
  • Saturday: 10am - 6pm
  • Sunday: 12pm - 5pm

I would like to get a 3G phone,preferably an iPhone.  I live in Hope,B.C. with lots of mountains, on the road lots and need the coverage,also want to get a plan so I can add phones for my kids.   Currently with pay and talk, is there anyone who can get me a plan that is reasonable?
From Sheila on December 25, 2009

Hi Sheila,

Thank you for contacting  Please note that we are just a web site listing Canadian cell phone information.

I can provide you with the following advice:

iPhone is priced the same for Bell, Rogers, TELUS & Fido.  Use our Compare iPhone plans tool to find the provider that's right for you:

Other 3G Phones
We don't have specific tool for viewing this at this time.  What you want is a phone that is HSPA capable.

I purchased a Motorola W315 at the end of October from one of your outlet stores.   I am a little bit upset to hear in December that there will be a law not allowing cell phone use when you are driving....As this phone was purchsed for workand a lot of the phone work is while driving, your customer representative did not inform us of the upcoming changings that would be occuring.   We signed into a three year contract and now are not able to use a bluetooth to allow us to use the phone for work while on the road....which I need.   Is there any options that you have available to either upgrade or change this phone to one that would work for our work.
From Sharon on December 28, 2009

Hi Sharon,

Thank you for contacting  I'm sorry to hear about your experience but we are just a web site listing Canadian cell phone information.  We do not nor have never sold any cell phones and/or services.

From looking up information on the Motorola W315 it looks like it's available through SaskTel right now.  If you purchased it through them then I recommend you contact them.

The new cell phone laws may allow for a wired handsfree device.  This would be similar to a Bluetooth but wired to your phone.

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