RIM Announces Official BlackBerry Twitter App

February 11, 2010
RIM has announced a beta version of their official BlackBerry Twitter App.  it's currently received a number of mixed reviews from sites like Techcrunch.com & BlackBerryCool.com.  

BlackBerry Twitter App ScreenshotThe Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones application has been designed to take advantage of the BlackBerry platform to create a user experience that will be familiar to both Twitter and BlackBerry smartphone users. Some of the areas that we have focused on are:
  • Push technology and Message List integration to notify you of your direct messages as soon as they arrive.
  • Send/Share BlackBerry menu integration along with bit.ly URL shortening so that you can share your favorite BlackBerry App World applications, interesting websites or a random picture from your camera with your Twitter followers.

You can read more on BlackBerry's official blog found here: blogs.blackberry.com/2010/02/inside-twitter-for-blackberry-application-preview/

TechCrunch.com called it average at best:

The interface is mediocre; but its tough to make anything as pretty as an iPhone or Android app on the BlackBerry. My biggest complaint is that the app is slow. Really slow. Slower than the Seesmic Blackberry app that I currently use to Tweet from my mobile device.

BlackBerryCool.com stated in their initial beta review:

Since this is a beta, Im not going to say definitevely whether this app is a success or failure. All I can say is that as it stands, it needs to work on more features that will differentiate itself from the Twitter clients that are already on the market. Unless something major is done with the UI and feature set, Ill stick to UberTwitter and/or Social Scope.

Other popular fully featured BlackBerry Twitter apps include:

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