Rogers Now Offers DRM-Free OTA Music Downloads

February 24, 2010
Today Rogers announced that they too are now offering DRM-free over the air downloads through their music service. The move follows TELUS's recent annoucement of the same ability that enables customers to download, listen and enjoy their music across different devices.

Customers visiting online or via the mobile web portal on their wireless device will now have the ability to purchase DRM-free (also known as MP3) music tracks to their device or computer and transfer them to their other digital music-capable electronic devices, free of charge.

Rogers also announced new track & album pricing of:

New tiered pricing is also available for DRM-free music tracks ranging from $0.69, $0.99 and up to $1.29* per track. Full album purchases generally cost less than $10* for Rogers customers. (*plus applicable download fees)

The main catch in this annoucement is that all music must be downloaded via your Cell Phone or Smartphone in order to take advantage of the DRM-free offer.

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