Apple Revealing iPhone OS 4 this Thursday

April 5, 2010
Apple has sent out media invites for a special envent this Thursday where they will be revealing iPhone OS 4.  Earlier this weekend the iPad was released in the United States selling 300,000 on Sunday alone.  

iPhone OS 4 Sneak Peek

It's expected that the new iPhone OS 4 will have a multitasking feature based on Apple’s Exposé.  We wouldn't expect the OS to be made available until the summer giving developers time to get build new apps.

The other big possibility will be the revealing of the iPhone 4. Alot of rumours have begun circulating that it will be coming this summer and may even be coming to Verizon in the fall.

We'll have more information as soon as the press event begins at 10am pacific on April 8th.

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