Mobilicity given go ahead to launch by the CRTC

May 7, 2010
MobilicityToday Mobilicity was granted the go ahead to officially launch by the CRTC. Dave Wireless, now doing business as Mobilicity, invested $243.1-million in 10 Canadian Wireless Spectrum licenses in July of 2008. At the time the CRTC had foreign ownership concerns which they have investigated, made modifications requirements and finally given them the go ahead to launch.

The CRTC's decision stated:

In this decision, the Commission sets out its determination in the ownership and control review of Data & Audio-Visual Enterprises Wireless Inc. (DAVE Wireless). In its review, the Commission considered whether non-Canadians own or control DAVE Wireless. The Commission determines that, subject to certain modifications to the Amended and Restated Shareholders Agreement, as set out in the Appendix to this decision, DAVE Wireless will meet the requirements of the ownership and control regime and will therefore be eligible to operate as a Canadian telecommunications common carrier.

The full CRTC ruling can be found here.

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