Rogers to Update Early Cancellation Policy in January 2012

January 9, 2012 by

In light of regulation updates in Quebec and Manitoba regarding consumer protection (known as "Bill 60" and "Bill 35"), Rogers will apparently be updating their Cancellation Policy nationwide. This means if a customer decides to cancel their service with Rogers or Fido, the customer will pay the remaining subsidized amount of their handset plus a $12.50 "Economic Inducement" fee.

For example, if you get the Apple iPhone 4S 16GB for $159 ($649 no contract) on a 3-year agreement (36-months) and decided in the first year to cancel, the new cancellation fee would be calculated by taking the Hardware Subsidiary x ( Remaining Months Left On Term / Total Term Months ) + the Economic Inducement Fee. In other words, the new cancellation fee would be ($649 - $159) x ( 24 / 36 ) + $12.50 = $339.17.

The new policy will apply to new activations or renewals on January 22 or later.

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