Mobilicity Launches 4G Network

October 30, 2012 by
Mobilicity today added 4G speeds to their unlimited network, giving customers speeds of up to 21 Mbps. Along with the upgrade also comes the launch of the Huawei E366 Premium Data Stick, and two new Premium Data offerings targeting heavy data users.

The new Premium Data add-on provides 20GB of data per month, which Mobilicty states will give customers "fast and affordable access to 60 minutes of streaming video, 90 minutes of streaming music, 60 app, game or music downloads, 50 video or photo uploads, 80 webpage views AND 125 emails per day".

The new Premium Mobile Data Internet Plan, designed for use with the Huawei E366, enables "fast and affordable access to 1,400 web pages and 1,400 emails a week, plus the ability to download 850 songs, 300 apps and games and 24 hours of streaming video a month".

The Premium Data add-on can be added onto any Mobilicity regular rate plan for $20/month. The Huawei E366 is available for $79.99, and the Premium Mobile Data Internet Plan is priced at $50/month. The new premium plans and data stick are available at Mobilicity stores across Canada.

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