Signal boosters provide a reliable fix to unreliable cellphone coverage!

March 12, 2013 by
Unreliable cellular coverage is no longer a problem thanks to the revolutionary cellular signal booster.

Cellular signals are broadcast from base towers and transmitted to mobile devices. These signals weaken as they travel over distance the longer they travel the weaker they tend to become. These signals can also weaken as they penetrate material objects. This often results in dropped calls, reduced network speeds and an overall unreliable connection.

Signal boosters are designed to pick up weak cellular signals, amplify them, and transmit them to mobile devices. This reduces dropped calls and increases data rates. By amplifying poor cellular signals and transmitting them to mobile devices, signal boosters extend cell zones and permanently enhance the quality of the signal you are capable of receiving on your mobile device. Perfect for buildings or vehicles, signal boosters not only ensure maximum signal quality but also increase the battery life of your cellular phone by requiring less power to receive transmitted signals. Not only do these signal boosters work for all cellular carriers, but they also allow for multiple users.

Reasons for weak cellular signals:
  • Rural areas Areas with fewer broadcast towers generally receive weaker cellular signals.
  • Building materials Signals weaken as they try to penetrate building materials such as wood, cement and metal.
  • Building size Larger buildings or underground basements tend to have a more difficult time receiving cellular signals.
  • Environmental obstacles Hills, valleys, trees and foliage can all interfere with the transmission of cellular signals.
  • Dead zones Destructive interference of waves often caused by buildings tend to send cellular signals awry.

Companies such as Signifi Mobile offer a solution to these weak cellular signals. Signifi Mobile repeaters capture weak cellular signals, amplify them, and rebroadcast them to your mobile device, ensuring crystal clear calls and lightning fast data speeds. These signal boosters provide you with a strong, reliable cellular signal that can be used at home or on the road.

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