OwnFone Introduces 1stFone - Handset for Children

May 10, 2013 by
A mobile manufacturer from England, OwnFone, has introduced 1stFone - a cellular phone aimed at young children.

This "cute and colourful basic phone for kids" is a durable device with no camera, no screen, and no advanced features. The 1stFone has up to 12 buttons that are assigned specific numbers at the time of purchase. These buttons are then labelled with the names of each contact.  This 1stFone device also features an optional emergency button. The device can only be used to make and receive calls. Approximately the size of a bank card, the 1stFone comes in many different colours and patterns. Examples of these include "Green Dinosaurs," "Black Zebra," "Pink Leopard," and "Blue Spat." 1stFone is available both on Pay as You Go and contract deals.

While these 1stFone devices, which are targeted towards children between the ages of 4 and 9, are causing much controversy over the fact that they are directly advertising to children, OwnFone claims the device is intended as a "risk-free means of introducing minors to the world of mobile phones."

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