Life-Changing Cell Phone Charger

May 22, 2013 by

The future of battery technology is in the process of being forever changed.

Through the use of nano technology, eighteen-year-old scientist Eesha Khare has managed to create a supercapacitor battery that has the potential to charge mobile devices in just 20-30 seconds.

Motivated by a frequently dying cellphone battery, Khare entered an international science fair with her fast-charging device, winning a $50,000 cash prize.

As of now, Khare’s supercapacitor has only been used to power an LED light; however, the implications of her invention are clear. By packing a lot of energy into a tiny space, her supercapacitor is able to charge a device quickly, allowing it to remain charged for an extended period of time. Khare claims this device can last for 10, 000 charge-recharge cycles, which exceeds a standard rechargeable battery’s capacity of 1,000 cycles immensely.  

This technology could potentially be used to charge laptops, cell phones, and even car batteries once further developed.

Khare plans to use the $50,000 towards her education at Harvard, as well as towards making further scientific advancements.

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