EMBRACE+ Wearable Technology

May 29, 2013 by
The EMBRACE+ wristband introduces an even more intimate way to stay updated with what’s happening on your smartphone. With this wearable technology, the EMBRACE+ wristband lights up when you receive notifications on your phone. Choose different colours to represent different apps, customizing your notifications. This bracelet flashes when you receive a call, text, etc, notifying you what is happening on your phone without you having to pull it out to check. The EMBRACE+ wristband was created by two friends in Seattle, and is currently undergoing a Kickstarter campaign project in order to receive the necessary assistance and funding to turn this idea into a mass consumer product. The EMBRACE+ wristband is created in a universal shape, designed to be worn by men and women alike. Creators of this wearable technology are currently focused on Android and iOS platforms, and are hoping to turn this into the next must-have smartphone accessory. The EMBRACE+ wristband will also come with a security feature to notify you when you are too far away from your smartphone to receive notifications.

Below is a list of potential apps that will be supported by the EMBRACE+ wristband:

  • Incoming calls (customized for specific contacts or groups)
  • Text messages
  • Emails
  • Instagram notifications
  • Twitter notifications
  • Tumblr notifications
  • Facebook notifications
  • LinkedIn notifications
  • Skype alerts
  • Calendar alerts
  • Alarm and timer settings
  • Low phone battery
  • Phone out of range

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