Lenovo acquires Motorola handset business from Google for $3 Billion

January 29, 2014 by


Today in a rather stunning announcement Lenovo acquired Motorola's handset business from Google for $3 billion dollars.  Google acquired Motorola less than 2 years ago and had helped them release the well received Moto X and affordable Moto G Android smartphones.  Google will hold on to many of key patents it originally acquired from Motorola for $12.5 billion and had recently sold the Motorola cable division for $2.5 billion.  

Lenovo acquires Motorola from Google

We feel  this a great move for Google which will allow them to work on improving their Android operating system while leaving hardware design to their close partners like Samsung.  For Lenovo this is a fantastic move as it gives them an immediate presence in the US smartphone market while giving them a great product to sell in the chinese market.

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