WIND Mobile launching $15/month unlimited US roaming add-on Feburary 3rd

January 30, 2014 by
Today WIND Mobile announced they will be launching a $15/month unlimited US roaming add-on starting Febuary 3rd.  Customers will be able to get unlimited talk, text & data while in the US for just $15 per month.  Bell, Rogers & TELUS all charge between $65 and $80 per month for anything similar to what WIND Mobile will be offering.

This is a huge move by WIND Mobile that probably won't make them much money but should enable them to entice frequent US travellers away from Bell, Rogers & TELUS.   We would expect all of the big three will make some slight adjustments either early in February or at the start of their next fiscal quarter.

WIND Mobile US Roaming Coming Soon

What would Bell, Rogers & TELUS charge for what WIND Mobile is offering?

None of the big three offer unlimited US roaming minutes and data for their customers we've done our best to map out reasonable rates for someone looking to get good use out of their phone while down south.

TELUS - $65 per month

  • 300 Minutes
  • Unlimited sent text messages
  • 300 MB of Data

Bell - $80 per month

  • 100 Minutes
  • 1000 sent text messages
  • 500 MB of Data

Rogers - $80 per month

  • 100 Minutes
  • Unlimited sent text messages
  • 500 MB of Data

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