Looking to Sell Your iPhone? Orchard Makes it Easy.

March 31, 2014 by
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Used iPhone sales is a lucrative market, and Orchard has figured out a way to capitalize on that - all while making it easy for you to sell your old device (or buy someone else's).

The combination application/service does all the legwork for you. Download the app, run a series of tests, enter any missing data (physical flaws the hardware can't determine), and get the report. With the report and the IMEI information, Orchard will generate a Fair Market Value of the device.

Once that's done, you have three choices - post it yourself on Craiglist, Kijiji or Redflagdeals; post it on Orchard's website (they keep 12% of the sale); or sell it by consignment (you get 65% of the final sale price).

Benefits include:
  • All hardware is tested for you - camera, volume keys, home button, headset jack, etc.
  • IMEI is used to determine correct model information (SKU, memory, etc.)
  • IMEI is automatically checked against the CWTA database to confirm it has not been reported stolen.
  • Orchard checks against popular online sites to determine a Fair Market Value - no research needed!
  • 30-day Warranty - if something goes wrong, or if someone lies about the condition of the device, Orchard will refund the buyer and ban the seller.
Orchard Certified
Orchard will work out any kinks in the app through a series of soft-launches before attempting to grow it to enable the sale of other platforms (Android, Windows, BlackBerry). Buying and selling of the iPad is next on the list.

When looking to buy an iPhone from the Orchard website, you can search by carrier, model, size, colour and condition.
Get the app here: Orchard App
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