Which Mobile Personal Assistant is the Best?

April 17, 2014 by
Digital Assistants comparison photo - Source: Mike Homnick, TechHive

TechHive recently compared (April 14) the digital personal assistants for Windows Phone (Cortana), Android (Google Now) and iOS (Siri) to determine which offered the best service and user experience.

The newcomer, Cortana, was released as a developer preview on April 14. "Itís packed with intuition, but itís still a beta product, and it isnít a miracle worker by any means," wrote TechHive's Mark Hachman.

During testing, TechHive "quizzed each assistant on a variety of general facts and calculations." They also asked them to perform nearly 40 common smartphone tasks, scoring each on accuracy and elegance.

"We awarded two points if an assistant completed a task by providing simple search results, and three points if it responded orally or displayed a 'card,' which would add an image and further information to the oral response," Hachman wrote. "We also awarded a bonus half-point if an assistant completed a task especially well."

So how did it all shake out?

  • Google Now came out on top with 101 points. OK, I get it. Google is great a search and delivering accurate maps, data, etc.
  • Siri followed in second place with 97 points. Siri is generally well respected. Apple Maps? Not so much.
  • Cortana came in last with 87 points. It appears the rookie has some work left ahead of it.

View the full article for a detailed breakdown of TechHive's process, scoring and more.

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