Apple Watch Reviews: They're Not Flattering

May 15, 2015 by
Apple Watch reboxing - Source: VentureBeat

When the Apple Watch made its debut, I was curious about its industrial design, its user interface and, of course, how the public would receive it.

While tech reviewers are not the general public, I give their opinion some credibility. They, after all, have first access to devices and many others like them, so they offer good comparative feedback and analysis of these devices. Well, based on three Apple Watch reviews I've read today, the device is a disappointment.

Business Insider's Matthew DeBord had "3 major problems" (May 4) with the watch: It's very, very fiddly; it's hard to read; and it's uncomfortable.

Engadget's Mat Smith was even more disapproving (May 13) writing, "I regret buying an Apple Watch (and I knew I would). Smith says that while the watch is clearly superior to its Android counterparts in terms of industrial design, "it doesn't do enough" feature-wise. "Not yet. It doesn't illuminate my life like my first iPhone, or revolutionize my work routine like the take-it-anywhere MacBook Air."

Similarly, VentureBeat's Mark Sullivan today wrote, "30 days later, I'm returning my Apple Watch." Sullivan calls the Apple Watch a "notifications device at heart," but says Apple makes a couple mistakes in its directions for setting up notifications. He also makes an apt observation about the social implications of looking at your watch: "Looking down at one's watch can suggest to a person you're talking to that you are bored or would rather be somewhere else. It suggests that you are marking the time, when really you may have just been notified of some event or message." I could see it having that effect, for sure.

As Smith alluded, Sullivan says the Apple Watch isn't yet where he'd like it to be, particularly in terms of functions that obviate the use of the phone altogether (such as Apple Pay or storing music for playback via wireless headphones). "The Watch is almost useless without a phone paired with it," he writes.


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