Nokia Hopes to Make Phones Again... in Q4 2016

July 16, 2015 by
Nokia's Android tablet, the Nokia N1

Earlier this week, in the wake of massive layoffs by Microsoft the week prior, Nokia announced it still hopes to make phones in the future.

In a statement published by Nokia spokesman Robert Morlino (July 13), the company said it indeed plans to return to the mobile device marketplace, but the process will be "complicated."

Morlino opened the statement acknowledging Nokia's enduring history and brand reputation. "For 14 years Nokia was the biggest cell phone maker in the world, and the brand became a household name -- one that evoked quality, innovation and human connection. The brand is still recognized that way by millions of people around the world, which is incredibly gratifying and a huge compliment for the people who helped create it."

He also elaborated on how the company (or whatever remains of it) will proceed after it closes its current chapter with Microsoft. It will continue to work in mobile infrastructure, location and mapping services, technology development and licensing.

Nokia's mobile device future will depend on the same brand-licensing model it used to release the Nokia N1 Android tablet.

As for phones? "The right path back to mobile phones for Nokia is through a brand-licensing model," he wrote. "That means identifying a partner that can be responsible for all of the manufacturing, sales, marketing and customer support for a product.

Fact is, Nokia already has experience in this business model. Its Nokia N1 Android tablet (pictured above). According to Forbes' Ewan Spence (July 14), the device used Foxconn as a partner. "The tablet is available in an online retail model that follows the style of Xiaomi and OnePlus, with online invitations and limited production runs to boost desirability and leveraging social media to do much of the marketing," he explained.

Finally, Morlino closed in saying, due to its agreement with Microsoft, the earliest Nokia can resume pursuing this business model will be in Q4 2016. So if you're waiting for a new Nokia phone or tablet, you'll have to wait until then.

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