BlackBerry Priv Priced at $899 CAD

October 23, 2015 by
BlackBerry Priv - Source: Engadget

BlackBerry is accepting pre-orders for its first Android phone, the Priv. Canadians can pre-order the $899 slider phone today, for Nov. 6 delivery.

Engadget reports Americans can pre-order the phone for $699 USD, while Brits can get the device for £559.

The Priv is BlackBerry's first-ever Android phone and has a feature that warns users when their privacy is at risk.

As you can see in the above photo, the Priv features a curved touchscreen that slides up to reveal BlackBerry's signature QWERTY keyboard. Recode reports the screen measures 5.4 inches and the phone also has an 18-megapixel camera. The name "Priv" alludes to a special feature designed to warn users when their privacy may be at risk.

By running the Android operating system, BlackBerry of course hopes to see increased sales of the Priv compared to recent BlackBerry models, which have failed to capture consumer attention.

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