More Data for Less with PC Mobile

November 21, 2015 by
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Recently PC Mobile revamped their plans and are now offering a single "Nice" monthly plan with tiered pricing options (BYOD/Regular/Super) and flexible data to suit everyone's needs. Starting today, Saturday, November 21st, PC Mobile is offering that flex data a lowered monthly rate. The pricing for the flex data previously started at $10/month for up to 500 MB of data and went up in $10 increments to a maximum of 5 GB of data ($60/month). Get the PC Mobile Monthly Data Flex plan now and only $7/month for up to 500 MB, then $14 for 1 GB and up by $10 increments thereafter (to a maximum of $54 for 5 GB). This limited time offer is only available until Tuesday, December 1st according to the PC Mobile site.

PC Mobile Flex Data Pricing

PC Mobile Flex Data Promo
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