New Cheaper Plans for Rogers Atlantic Customers!

December 9, 2015 by
Rogers ATL Share Plans 
Rogers released new cheaper rate plans for their customers in the Atlantic regions today. That means new and upgrading Rogers customers in New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island can get a monthly plan for up to $10 less than what they would have been charged for the same service yesterday.

Rogers Share Everything Plans

The new Atlantic Share Everything plans remain essentially the same, with customer's receiving Canada-wide calling and more data at a lowered price. 
  • All new Atlantic Plans include Canada-wide calling (no local option).
  • 500 MB, 1GB and 2.5GB plans are $10 less per month.
  • 5GB plan is $5 less per month.
  • 9GB and 15GB plans remain the same.
  • 30GB and 60GB plans are no longer an option.
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 Rogers ATL Talk & Text Plans

Talk & Text Plans

The new Atlantic Talk & Text plans leave the customer with fewer options but at a much better price. No need for plans with multiple local minutes when you can get Unlimited Canada-wide Talk at a lower price.
  • Both Atlantic Talk & Text plans now include Canada-wide calling - previous plans were all local minutes only.
  • 200 minute plan is $5 less per month.
  • Now get Unlimited Canada-wide minutes for the price of the previous (or current in BC/AB/ON) 500 local minute Talk & Text plan.
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Smart Tab Plans

Premium Tab plans are no longer offered in the Atlantic region (though rate plans change often) and there is only one option for a Smart Tab Plan. But who needs options when the plan that previously offered the most minutes and data is now being offered for $20 less per month.
  • No Premium Tab plans.
  • Previously offered 200 min + 200MB ($50) and 500 min + 300MB ($60) Smart Tab Plans are no longer available.
  • Now get the 1000 min + 500MB Smart Tab Plan for only $50 per month!
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