MiKE Services Officially Shutting Down

January 14, 2016 by
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Telus has been working to replace MiKE services since the launch of Telus Link back in October 2013; a push-to-talk service over HSPA, LTE and Wi-Fi. Telus warned customers of the imminent shut down a whole year ago, back in January 2015, as they made contract activations and renewals no longer available. Now, this transition is nearly complete with official shut down of the iDEN network and MiKE service happening Friday, January 29th, 2016.
If you are still with MiKE and do not want to lose service, you will have to migrate your account over (and switch to a 4G mobile device sometime in the next 2 weeks.
If you choose not to migrate in this time frame, you will experience the following: 
  • Despite possible appearance of coverage indicators on your MiKE device, you will be unable to make or receive Interconnect or Direct Connect Calls and unable to access iDEN data services.
  • You will be unable to retrieve any stored voicemails. Be sure to retrieve any saved voicemails before January 29th.
  • Inbound callers will receive a "number not in service" message.
You have 90 days to port your number before it will be released. (after January 29, 2016)


If you do intend to switch over to Link, Telus is still offering incentives and offers for MiKE customers looking to migrate their service until January 29th. Though the deals vary based on your current plan, most involve a discount on a new device as you will likely have to upgrade in order to use the Link service.

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