How Much Data Do You Really Need?

May 9, 2016 by

You may use data in order to work while on-the-go, or you might indulge in media like video streams or games on a daily basis. Maybe youíre a social butterfly who never closes your Instagram app, or simply like to surf the web during your work commute.

No matter your habits, when youíre in the market for a new smartphone or tablet itís important to make sure the plan you sign up for comes with the right amount of data, or you could be losing money on overage rates or by paying for unused megabytes. Data usage estimator tools provide a generalized picture of what youíre likely to spend, based on what youíre likely to do.

All numbers below are estimates based on 1 day of smartphone usage. Please note that actual data amounts can vary by device. 

View Sasktelís data usage calculator for a customizable estimate of your weekly and monthly data consumption. 

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