Playing With Performers: The Rise of Celebrity Mobile Apps

May 30, 2016 by

If you live for People Magazine and eat up Entertainment Tonight, you probably already know that there are a ton of celebrities who have partnered with tech firms to create their own mobile apps.

It’s been a channel for expression and revenue used by artists and ideamakers for ages: you might remember Lady Gaga’s well-received Artpop app that was released in 2013 in accompaniment to her album of the same name. Artpop was only an idea waiting to happen when Björk dropped an app with her Biophilia album in 2011, offering a "multimedia exploration of music, nature, and technology.” Even David Hasselhoff had a short foray into mobile apps with Ask The Hoff, which featured animations of the actor answering user questions with a series of pre-recorded responses that worked somewhat like a Magic 8-ball.

Rapper Fetty Wap and pop icon Britney Spears are two of the latest of the Hollywood elite to try to coax their fandom followers into the world of mobile applications and gaming; Fetty has teamed up with Moor Games and Creative Mobile to create the racing game app Nitro Nation Stories that features a soundtrack of his music.

"I think my fans will be happy to interact with me another way,” he told Billboard Magazine. "I know a lot of my fans that listen to my music or attend my shows also play mobile games. It just makes sense."

Brit launched "Britney Spears: American Dream" last week with developer Glu Mobile, a game that takes users through a journey of working up the ladder of luxury from the E-list to the A-list. Pop star-hopeful players are guided and mentored by the digital version of Ms. Spears as they work out their performance wardrobes, cut singles, network, confront rival singers, explore romantic interests, and perform with the pop princess herself.

Whether album enhancements, silly side projects or full on games, the value of artists forging territory in the app world is undeniable. Which is your favourite celebrity app?

Michael Jackson - The Experience

Ellen Degeneres - Heads Up

Justin Bieber – Shots of Me

Taylor Swift - Greeting Cards

Snoop Dog - Snoopify

Miranda July - Somebody

Shaquille O'Neal - ShaqDown

Kim Kardashian - Hollywood

Tom Hanks - Hanx Writer

William Shatner - Shatoetry

Daft Punk - Audio Visualizer

Pink Floyd – This Day in Pink Floyd

Meek Mill - Bike Life

Demi Lovato – Path to Fame

Tyga – Kingin’ World Tour

Sting - Sting 25

Bruce Springsteen - Bruce Springsteen Games

Chopin - Chopin Alarm Clock

Simian Mobile Disco – Unpatterns

AC/DC – AC/DC Pinball Rocks HD

Nicki Minaj – My Pink Friday

Katy Perry – Pop


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