WWDC16: Bite Into Everything Apple

June 17, 2016 by

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference 2016 (WWDC16) is wrapping up today in San Francisco, and the event has triggered a wave of excitement around the world about the company’s latest developments and plans for its mobile sector.

iOS 10
Apple is describing this operating system update as "the biggest iOS release ever.” Updates to iMessage are among the most noteworthy, with features like message animation and bigger emojis on their way, and "invisible ink” that won’t display until the recipient swipes over it. Apple Maps and Photos will also see updates, as well as be opened to third-party developers for integration with services like Uber. For those who still choose not to use them, iOS 10 users will be able to delete these and other unused integrated apps from their devices. The iPhone and iPad lockscreen also undergo redesigns with this update, with the slide to unlock function swapped out with the instructions "Press Home to open.”

Siri is growing up with the launch of iOS 10. She will also be released to third-party developers, meaning future incarnations of the virtual personal assistant will be smarter – and maybe even sassier. iPhone users are expected to be able to send WhatsApp messages or money, order Dominos, request Uber drivers and more, all through Siri. She’s also spreading her wings into AppleTV and macOS, the newly rebranded OS X operating system for computers, making use across Apple devices easier; for example, she can now search YouTube content through AppleTV. And using Siri will result in less "Sorry...”s, thanks to an "intense API” that functions in multiple languages. According to Tech Radar you’ll now be able to ask Siri questions using a broader category of language, such as "Send a WeChat to Nancy saying I'll be five minutes late' or "Tell Nancy I'll be five minutes late with WeChat" or even "Siri, can you shoot a message on WeChat and say I'll be five minutes late?"

Device Integration
Finally, Apple is making it even easier to use all of your devices together. You can already answer calls and texts from your Mac, and now with the new watchOS integration you can unlock or login to your Mac just by walking up to it while wearing an Apple Watch. Apple Pay used in Mac Safari browsers will also be able to be authenticated by Touch ID from an iPhone. And the new Universal Clipboard will allow users to retrieve clipped content across all their Apple devices – even large files such as videos and photos.

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