Samsung Galaxy Note7: 7 Notes on Release and Recall

September 2, 2016 by
The launch and subsequent recall of the newest flagship smartphone from Samsung has been a whirlwind. Pre-orders, which took place during the beginning of August, astounded the market and exceeded expectations of the manufacturer. But only a few short weeks following initial shipments of the devices, Samsung has issued a worldwide recall. Here’s what happened:

1. On August 2, Samsung released the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy Note7 for pre-order on its own website, as well as with select service providers including Rogers, Bell, Verizon, and AT&T in Canada and the United States.

2. The sheer "unprecedented” amount of pre-orders caused supply constraints, forcing the world’s largest smartphone maker to adjust release dates in some markets. Samsung released a statement saying it was aiming to increase production and meet the demand as "early as possible.”

3. The Note7 was made available to ship to customers from Canada and the U.S. who had placed pre-orders on August 19. Samsung Canada CMO Mark Childs warned that the "huge response” could result in limited retail inventory, as well as delayed order fulfillment, across the country.

4. Despite great early reviews, shortly after the phone made it to customers photos started surfacing online showing charred phone bodies following explosions of what appeared to be the Note7’s battery pack. Comments stated that the flare-ups occurred while the device was charging.

5. August 31 news reports advised that shipments of the Galaxy Note7 were being delayed "due to additional tests being conducted for product quality.”

6. Following reports of a second explosion and with 2.5 million units already reportedly sold around the world, Samsung decided to halt Note7 production and shipments. On September 2, the manufacturer issued a statement responding to the incidents, saying that it found a battery cell issue in 35 cases and was issuing a voluntary recall of all units of the device.

7. As of today, September 2, sales of the Galaxy Note7 have now been stopped in 10 nations and customers who have already purchased the Note7 have been advised that they can have it replaced in coming weeks. Customers without access to another device in the meantime are counseled to use caution, use OEM chargers only, and to not leave the phone charging overnight.

"For customers who already have Galaxy Note7 devices, we will voluntarily replace their current device with a new one over the coming weeks. Canadian customers may call 1-800-SAMSUNG for additional information,” Samsung told Mobile Syrup.

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