Enjoy the Timeless Staying Power of the LG X Power 2

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 LG X Power 2 Smartphone
The LG X Power 2 packs the sheer power of a 1.5GHz Octa-Core processor combined with 2GB of RAM, to give you fluidity without snags or holdups. Store your photos, videos, and music on 16GB eMMC. Built-in OTG support hooks you up to USB accessories, and microSD card support up to 2TB gives you massive expandability. With the X Power 2 you can enjoy a smooth, responsive, and seamless experience.
It also has a built-in gyroscope sensor to let you play the latest augmented reality games, and dive deep into virtual reality videos. Get out and play, or put on your viewer headset for a whole new reality. Just released in Canada, you can get this phone from any of the carriers listed below.

Key Features:

  • 4500 mAh Battery Lasts All Weekend -  Two full days of skiing with friends, or a weekend camping trip with family. Get 8 hours of using the camera app, 7 hours of shooting video, 18 hours of watching movies, 12 hours of turn-by-turn GPS directions, or 19 hours of web browsing.
  • Fast Charging for Less Waiting - Hit 100% quicker! Get fully charged in just 2 hrs 12 mins, enough for two whole days. In an extra hurry? Just 30 mins will get you 27% charged to last one entire day.

  • 5.5" HD Display - A big screen for huge fun. Everything just got more comfortable and enjoyable with the immense 5.5" HD display. Browsing, gaming, viewing videos, and photos all jump up to a new level of pleasure.

  • 13MP + 5MP cameras - In every single way, the full-featured 13MP main camera brilliantly captures the best moments of your life. Now with a 1/3" sensor and an ultra-bright F2.2 lens that catches light even in the dimmest conditions, all your moments are clear, sharp, and sharable. And the 120 wide angle selfie camera now comes with a brighter F2.2 lens to catch you and your full surroundings.
LG X Power 2 Smartphone

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 Availability & Pricing:

Bell | Now available!
  • Full price:  $249.99
  • On a 2-year plan:  Starting at $29.99
Bell MTS | Now available!
  • Full price:  $249.99
  • On a 2-year plan:  Starting at $29.99

Fido | Now available!
  • Full price:  $299.00
  • On a 2-year plan:  Starting at $0
Freedom Mobile | Now available!
  • Full price:  $280.00
  • On a 2-year plan:  Starting at $0
Virgin Mobile | Now available!
  • Full price:  $249/99
  • On a 2-year plan:  Starting at $0

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