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July 12, 2017 by
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As of today, all new and existing Fido Pulse plan customers can access a new feature through the Fido My Account app. Once activated, customers will get 5 sessions of 1-hour free data usage, in addition to the data that is already included in their monthly data buckets. The free "Data Bytes" can be used just like regular data - for streaming videos, music, browsing, or anything else that they desire. Once the free data session has ended, a notification will be sent.
"Data is how our customers stay connected to what matters to them and we're giving them access to more data for those moments they need it most," said Dirk Woessner, President, Consumer. "With an extra 5 free hours of data every month, Fido Pulse plan customers are getting even more value and flexibility with their plans and access to a new feature that they can't get anywhere else in Canada."

Not sure if you have a Fido Pulse Plan?

Just text PULSE to 222 to find out.


How to activate Data Bytes?

Log in to your Fido My Account app and click through the Data Bytes banner. Shake your phone for 3 seconds to activate your FREE hour of data and you're all set. You can also watch this instructional video for more help getting started:

About Fido mobile:  "Fido connects Canadians to the things they love through its amazingly fast LTE network, as well as services such as its Fido Pulse plans with Fido RoamTM and Data Bytes and Home Internet (Home Internet currently only available in parts of Ontario). Awesome partnerships serve up what Fido customers want including Spotify Premium and free 2017 access to VICELAND. Known for its dedicated customer service, Fido keeps things simple through affordable pricing packages and easy to install products." - Fido

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