TELUS Health Launches MedDialog

July 26, 2017 by
TELUS Health launches MedDialog 
TELUS Health just announced the launch of MedDialog in the Ottawa region. MedDialog lets physicians across Canada connect digitally through electronic medical records (EMR), which in turn helps to enhance patient care.
Physicians can communicate with eachother much quicker and more efficiently than ever before to exchange laboratory test results, referrals, specialist consultations and other private information. With this new system there is no need to make phone calls, email through separate systems, print, fax or mail letters and other important documents, so more time can be spent focusing on patients and minimizing errors. Throughout 2018, TELUS EMRs will evolve to connect around 20,000 physicians across the country.
Dr. James Kavanagh, family physician and medical director, TELUS Health said, "Communications between primary care physicians, specialists and other practitioners will no longer be a sporadic, disjointed and unreliable chain of telephone calls, fax and letters in the mail. TELUS Health is equipping physicians with the tools to send and receive patient information quickly and easily right from our EMRs. Our time, and that of our administrative and clinical staff, is optimized because information is added directly to the patient chart, without any manual intervention or interruptions to our workflow.
"The launch of MedDialog advances our vision that to improve patient outcomes we must harness the power of technology to enable a fully connected health ecosystem," said Michael Guerriere, Chief Medical Officer, TELUS Health.

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